English Title: Bangkok Traffic Love Story

Main Cast: Sirin Horwang as Mei Li and Theeradej Wongpuapan as Loong

Saw this tonight and I really enjoyed it! I seriously crack watching this movie, the girl’s character is so hilarious, love her clumsiness.

Oh God! I really LMAO on their office exercise and the product they sell is so epic! You’ll agree with me when you see that part of the movie, it’s so flipping funny.

Mei Li’s ways of getting his attention is a total fail, or not? hehehe. Her stalking is cute, plus the scene at the Video rental is superb. I like her neighbor Plern, so good with flirting!

The line’s are good too, simple but makes sense. She asked him the reason he broke up with his last girlfriend, and he said they can’t remain together because of their conflicting schedules, he’ll be studying abroad & she’s starting on the entertainment business. ‘How can we be boyfriend & girlfriend if we don’t see each other?’, the guy said.

So yeah, I think the focus of the story is on this question: What will you do if the relationship presented to you is a long distance one? Will you grab the chance, and try to work things out? Or would you rather keep the relationship as ‘acquaintance’, let fate play it’s role, and trust that if you’re meant to be together, your paths will cross someday, somehow?

What do you think Mei Li chose in the end?

Guess you have to find out for yourself 🙂 ^^ Wiiiii It’s past midnight and I’m still hype ^^ It’s Friday!



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