English Title: I Give You My First Love

MAIN CAST: Inoue Mao as Mayu and Okada Masaki as Takuma

Recently watched this movie. For me, it mainly revolves on the answer to this question:

“Knowing How Long You’ll Live, Will You Be Scared or Will You Be Grateful?

How Will You Spend Your Days?”

Their moments together are just lovely! Mayu here did everything to be with Takuma.  And I raised my hands to her when she managed to pass the difficult exams, so she can go to the same University with him.

If you are to watch this movie, anticipate her epic speech on stage … I salute her!




  1. bloodybedsheets said:

    the storyline seems HEARTBREAKING jaqz!!! is this your favorite film!??!??! i think i’ll cry if i watch this one…

    i cry a lot with dramas and sad films easily… well, what should i expect, that’s what they’re intended for =P

    will make my sis dl this one… thanks for sharing jaqz =P

    • ~it’s interesting to watch but if you ask what’s my fave sad drama, I think Snow Queen tops ’em all …

      I watch alot so it’s kinda hard to have favorites *too many to mention … hehehe

      I hope you’ll enjoy watching this, though it doesn’t have ‘a happy ending’ …

      ~If you liked this, I recommend you watch Koizora, too … it’s also a good film 😉

      • @athenarei
        wow I love this too!! (i love the actors and actress especially okada-kun~ ^^)
        i’m crying a lot while watched this ;___;

        yeah i recommed koizora too, it really good ^^

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