Dear Soul,

How are you today? I heard from Memory you are being busy lately, and that you wanna go Reminiscing Road again?

Well, I wish you don’t see Regrets and Failures there. But if you did, don’t take them too seriously. You know what those two could do. They will force you to hang out with Bitterness and Self – Pity. And you know better.

So instead of entertaining them, go find Hope. You know she’s is always with Love and Faith. Both will help you get past Darkness lane. It won’t be an easy route, and you know it. You will have to go back Heartache street and go through the entire block of Sadness. You will bump into Pain and Tears, and surely see the resident Denial and Lies, not a good company, considering what they did to you back in the day. Oohh, never a pretty sight.

But if you come to think of it, Forgiveness and Acceptance live just across them. Aren’t they always your hero? Didn’t they pick you up during that nasty fight with Betrayal, remember? So my advise to you ..

Take that road, visit your old friends, face your enemies; walk with them if you must. Then this road back home will become a-not-so-bad-a-journey anymore.

Take the trip and before you realize it, you’re home. You are back to Happiness.

If you get stuck or get into trouble with Doubt, you know where to reach me. I still live in Heart City.

Always here,